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Hand-Forged Steel Medieval Neck Torc with Curled Terminals - Viking/Norse/Celtic


Hand-Forged Twisted Steel Torc --- Viking/Celtic/Blacksmith Bracelet/Band/Cuff


Hand-Forged Braided Steel Claw Torc Bracelet --- Celtic/Viking/Norse/Roman/Conan


Ram's Head Bracelet --- Viking/Norse/Celtic/Greek/Medieval/Aries/Torc/Bronze


Viking Dragon Head Twisted Torc Bracelet Arm Band


Viking Dragon Torc with Gold Finish -- Norse/Bracelet/Arm Ring/Bronze/Gold/Cuff


Silver Viking Phoenix Torc / Bracelet --- Norse/Jewelry/Celtic/Dragon/Eagle/Bird


Silver Viking Raven Bracelet/Torc/Torque -- Norse/Medieval/Jewelry/Ragnar/Skyrim


Fenris Black Nappa Leather Torc Bronze Dragon Heads, Handmade Viking Celtic LARP


CRAFTY CELTS Torc, Bronze, Triskele, EUC, Vikings SCA Faire LARP


Silver Viking Odin's Wolves Bracelet - Norse/Wolf/Pewter/Jewelry/Tiger/Cat/Torc


Wolf head Torc Bracelet by Crafty Celts Bronze EUC Vikings SCA Faire LARP


Silver Viking Snake Bracelet/Torc/Torque -- Norse/Medieval/Jewelry/Ragnar/Skyrim


´╗┐Stunning Heavy Braided Bronze Torc Necklace Griffins Celtic Pagan Duality


Crafty Celts Sterling Silver Dragon Vikings Necklace GOT Neck Torc Renaissance


Smaller Size Viking Dragon Bracelet/Torc -- Norse/Medieval/Serpent/Silver/Bangle


MENDEL Mens Viking Norse Odin's Raven Crow Torc Bangle Bracelet Cuff Amulet Myth


Hand-Forged Braided Steel Scorpion Tail Neck Torc --- Viking/Celtic/Claw/Talon


Forged Steel Woven Link Bracelet with Ball Terminals - Medieval/Iron/Celtic/Torc


Large Silver Viking Wolf Head Bracelet/Torc --- Norse/Medieval/Pewter/Jewelry


Hand Made CELTIC Bronze TORC with Terminals TORQUES Ancient Warrior Neck Ring


Hand-Forged Twisted Steel Bracelet --- Viking/Norse/Celtic/Medieval/Torc/Jewelry


Viking Fenrir Wolf Bracelet with Beads & Braided Leather Band -- Norse/Torc/Torq


Viking Bangle Bracelet - Shield Rim Cuff -- Norse/Medieval/Silver/Jewelry/Torc


Viking Odin's Horse Sleipnir Torc in 2 Sizes -- Norse/Scandinavian Bracelet/Ring


Viking Raven Head Twisted Torc Bracelet Arm Band


Silver Viking Fenrir Wolf Bracelet/Torc/Torque --- Norse/Medieval/Jewelry/Skyrim


Silver Viking Dragon Bracelet/Torc/Torque -- Norse/Medieval/Jewelry/Skyrim NEW


US Viking Wolf Head Bracelet/Torc --- Norse/Medieval/Pewter/Jewelry Vintage


Banjara Tribal Torc Torq Flexible Lightweight


Norse Viking Plain Pattern Torc Bracelet Bangle


Viking Fenrir Wolf Head Neck Torc - Knit Style Bangle Necklace --- Gold/Celtic


Celtic Bull's Head Torc - Solid Bronze -- Viking/Norse/Gaelic/Neck Ring/Necklace


Viking Dragon Neck Torc - Midgard Sea Serpent --- Jormungand/Gold/Norse/Celtic


Viking Fenrir Wolf Necklace with Beads & Braided Leather Band -- Norse/Torc/Torq


Silver Viking Dragon Head Bracelet -- Norse/Odin/Wolf/Pewter/Jewelry/Torc/Skyrim


Bronze Viking Bear Bracelet / Torc - Berserker Arm Ring --- Norse/Celtic/Jewelry


Twisted Silver Celtic Gallia Bracelet/Torc/Torque - Celt/Viking/Medieval/Jewelry


Gold Celtic Deer Head Bracelet -- Norse/Viking/Medieval/Bronze/Stag/Jewelry/Torc


Large Silver Viking Odin's Raven Bracelet/Torc --- Norse/Medieval/Pewter/Jewelry


Viking Longship Bracelet - Ocean Raider --- Norse/Torc/Boat/Gold/Bronze/Jewelry


Viking Gold Fenrir Wolf Bracelet with Knitted Bangle -- Norse/Odin/Wolves/Torc


Fenris Brown Nappa Leather Torc Bronze Dragon Heads, Handmade Viking Celtic LARP


Silver Viking Raven Torc with Odin's Ravens Hugin and Munin --- Norse Bracelet


Gold Viking Wolf Head Bracelet --- Norse/Celtic/Medieval/Bronze/Jewelry/Torc